In-House MSP / VMS Roadmap

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Vendor Management Systems and a roadmap that will keep your MSP/VMS in-house – driving effective results – quickly. This issue is jam-packed with the latest trendsetting news, from our industry. I’ll show you how to take your business to the next level.

If any theme has emerged from recent news, it’s simply this; hospitals will face a vast array of challenges in 2018.Taking charge of your contingent staffing is one way you can meet those challenges head-on. A solid strategy, combined with innovative in-cloud technology platforms, and a tool that helps you analyze cloud-based data, I can show you how to find the data that matters. Taking your VMS in-house lets you bypass the most common VMS headaches, granting your healthcare facility substantial savings – up to 6%.

Are you convinced yet that taking control of your contingent staffing is the only way forward? Adaptive Workforce Solutions’ new approach to Managed Vendor Services puts you, the client, in total control. Our innovative approach to your MSP includes in-sourcing models, program management, RFP consulting, a myriad array of vendor management technologies. Our hybrid solution will teach you how to create an innovative MSP environment minus the costly third-party solution.

You could spend hours tracking down the differences between VMS choices, or you could just give me a call at 480-467-4443. I can help you narrow down your organization’s most critical needs, offering a solution that’s right for your facility, (hint: taking your VMS in-house lets you bypass the most common VMS headaches).