Innovative Workforce

for the Healthcare Industry

What We Do

AdaptiveWFS takes a collaborative approach to developing innovative Workforce Solutions by aligning with our client’s key business objectives and overall staffing strategies. As consultants, we act as honest brokers to ensure our clients benefit from creating an unbiased strategic Workforce Solution for managing contract labor. Our core business philosophy is to practice Vendor Neutrality to promote true competition resulting in lower bill rates and higher quality staff.

As consultants at heart, the AdaptiveWFS team are experts at developing innovative staffing programs and knowing where cost savings can be found in order to balance out the need for procuring contract labor services.   We take an unbiased approach to ensuring our customers have the right Workforce Solution in an ever-changing healthcare labor market.


Products and Services


Increase Process Efficiency, Improve Fill Rates, and Reduce Administrative Burden


Vendor Management (VMS), Learning Management, and Scheduling Tools

Payroll Service

Maximize Staffing Flexibility, Reduce Labor Spend, and Reduce Administrative Burden

Consulting Services

Maintain a Competitive Edge with Workforce Assessments and Market Rate Analysis