Managed Service Programs

Solve Complex Workforce Challenges

Streamline Operations

At Adaptive Workforce Solutions, our expertise lies in consulting with healthcare organizations to design Managed Service Programs (MSP) with third-party technology platforms that meet each client’s individual staffing goals. We seamlessly implement our solutions and provide the technical support and resources needed during and after the implementation.

Through our all-inclusive Managed Service Programs, we offer a variety of solutions that exceed our client’s short and long staffing goals. With over 40 years of workforce solution consulting experience, we have perfected the combination of People, Process and Technology to help our clients shrink labor spend, balance contract labor usage, and reduce the administrative burden of the hiring process.


Our Approach

Practical Approach. Utilizes a set of best practices, that brings together all parties under one standard contract

Technical Approach. Third-party web-based, vendor-neutral, software system that provides a platform to post all contract labor requests to a network of approved staffing vendors

Managed Approach. Service delivery team to provide high-level customer service to Healthcare Organization managers, staffing vendors and contract labor healthcare work force

Take Control of Your Workforce