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Technology Platforms

With two decades of experience utilizing multiple technology software tools, AdaptiveWFS believes that a third-party VMS partnership is the best way to provide our customers with state-of-the-art technology, flexibility and scalability needed to meet today’s complex healthcare labor market.

We ensure all workflows, data and financial reporting is set-up correctly and according to contract specifications including billing rules, onboarding process and specific terms of the contract. There are no back doors or hidden fees that can impact your labor spend.

Each technology platform can be implemented through a team of experienced technical support representatives, clinical documentation staff, and accounting resources.

Technology Platforms

Vendor Management Software

Optimizes the contract workforce program by giving visibility to spend, compliance and vendor performance. Increases quality of hires and boosts efficiency of time to fill.


Shift scheduling software for per diem labor to automate shift requests, confirmation, credentialing and timekeeping.

Learning Management Software (LMS)

Automates and streamlines all orientation paper work, training modules and required testing.  Saves organizations up to 20 hours in non-billable orientation.

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