Partnership to Reduce Contract Labor Costs

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HANYS Solutions Partners with Adaptive Workforce
Solutions to Reduce Contract Labor Costs

HANYS Solutions, the for-profit subsidiary of the Healthcare Association of New York State (HANYS) has partnered with Adaptive Workforce Solutions to help ensure appropriate staffing and reduce contract labor costs for their members.

Michael Ilnicki, Executive Vice President at HANYS Solutions says, “Healthcare providers’ labor costs have skyrocketed amid the ongoing workforce shortage and, more recently, with the high demand for clinicians during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Data from 2019 shows the total spend on contract labor for hospitals and health systems in the United States is about $28 billion and New York hospitals and health systems represent approximately $1.3 billion of that contract labor spend.

With roots in New York state, the AdaptiveWFS team understands the staffing challenges that healthcare facilities face daily. Through this partnership, HANYS members will have access to state of the art, vendor-neutral VMS technology at no cost. AdaptiveWFS’ team of experts will give HANYS members a transparent and reliable workforce management solution for centralizing the entire contract labor management process designed to meet their organizations staffing goal objectives.

When asked about the partnership, Beth Delricco, Adaptive Workforce Solutions’ Director of Business Development, said, “Many of these hospitals have no formal way of managing their contract labor spend or they are lacking the analytics and reporting to help them make more informed decisions. HANYS Solutions saw the benefit to partner with a company who could help streamline the process and save hospitals money when COVID-19 bill rates were out of control.”

AdaptiveWFS takes a 3rd party, vendor-neutral approach and focuses on being an advocate for their clients.

Delricco says, “Because we are not a staffing company pushing our own technology, we’re able to step back and look out for our client’s best interests and advise them on the best course of action.”

 About Adaptive WFS:

Adaptive Workforce Solutions takes a collaborative approach in developing innovative workforce solutions for healthcare facilities across the country. Collectively, the AdaptiveWFS team has over 40+ years of experience working in the healthcare staffing and vendor management space. As consultants, they develop innovative staffing programs that effectively utilizes people, process, and technology to help manage contract labor.

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