Cutting Through the Chaos


Many lessons were learned during the COVID-19 battle but one stands out among healthcare leaders–the importance of constant communication and streamlined processes and procedures. The old way worked but when put to the test, it was clear that improvements needed to be made before another crisis came along. One particular process took front and center, staffing. Finding staff fast was haphazard and inconsistent. Bill rates were not managed and hospitals were gouged as the needs became more dire. What can be done differently in the new constant state of readiness?

Fortunately, there are better ways for hospital leaders to procure labor and stay focused on patients, their staff, and day to day business. Enter the Workforce Management Solution. These solutions are tailored to the individual facility’s challenges and goals and the solution is vendor-funded so there is no cost to the hospital. A key service offered by Workforce Management Solution consultants is called a Managed Service Program.

The benefits of a Centralized Workforce Solution

What is a Managed Service Program (MSP)?

An MSP is a centralized people and process solution that helps source and manage the short-term staffing needs of a facility. The MSP model can be a cost-effective tool for hospitals facing staffing shortages, crisis staffing fluctuations, filling vacation holes, retirements, or coverage during an EMR conversion.

An MSP will help your facility:

•  Recruit and onboard quality candidates
•  Improve fill, contract completion and extension rates
•  Consolidate contracts into one master agreement
•  Eliminate inflated bill rates
•  Streamline and simplify inefficient workforce processes
•  Increase vendor visibility
•  Reduce staff turnover and overtime hours
•  Leverage data to drive the planning process

These advantages can add up to 5%-8% in savings of time and money and provide a streamlined people, process and technology solution for managing every aspect of contract labor.

A Business Case for Change


Most hospitals have no formal process for finding, hiring, credentialing, and onboarding contract labor. Often the process is handled differently from unit to unit and department to department. Using this method causes confusion, errors, multiple department cross over, high administrative cost and rogue spending.


Cutting Through the Chaos


An MSP can create increased efficiency by being the single point of contact for client and vendor. It will automate the process, use a consistent compliance process, lower costs through greater resources, negotiate competitive rates to promote true vendor competition, manage risk, consolidate billing, provide one invoice and one payment, and offer real-time reports to give visibility into every aspect of the contract hiring process including vendor performance.


Is Your Facility Ready?


Managing healthcare staffing is complicated, time-consuming, and overwhelming. Finding the right talent at the right time, staying compliant, finding cost-effective solutions, and dealing with the challenges of contract management takes healthcare leaders away from the business of patient care. Adaptive Workforce Solutions understands that each workforce solution should be designed to solve the individual needs of each hospital and healthcare system. We act as honest brokers who advocate for hospitals in every aspect of contract labor management.

Our team develops customized Workforce Management Solutions that operate to reduce your overall contract labor spend by combining the best people, process, and technology to create a centralized and efficient contract labor management system. We advocate for your hospital and take on all the heavy lifting of contract labor management.

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