NurseGrid App Plays a Critical Role in Nursing Workforce Satisfaction

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The healthcare industry is one of the most robust and volatile industries in the world. While it maintains an absolutely massive market share throughout the world, it constantly finds itself struggling to manage finances and employee relations. Nursing workforce satisfaction is consistently an issue throughout the healthcare industry. In response to the demand for an effective solution to this challenge, a new workforce management app, called NurseGrid has been introduced to the nursing workforce.

Various healthcare workforce management solutions and nursing management strategies have been proposed and implemented throughout the last several years in an attempt to improve the overall experience of a full-time nurse. Although there may have been some benefits experienced by these implemented solutions, it seems as though emerging and cutting-edge technological advancements are proving themselves to have an even greater impact on nursing management.

High-Technology Breeds Efficiency

Hospitals and healthcare providers are endlessly working to maintain the highest possible technologically sophisticated facilities in the modern world. However, in order to ensure that these technologies are utilized appropriately, the healthcare workforce must be up-to-date and in touch with these new innovations. Nurses are often the first line of defense that a hospital provides patients. Due to the demand this creates, nurses often struggle with efficient scheduling and effective workplace practice. Nursing practice must transform itself to keep up with the current times.

NurseGrid-improves-employee-communication-and-satisfaction NurseGrid Streamlines Communication

New and emerging cutting-edge technologies continue to embed themselves into the healthcare industry. An app created by a nurse looks to maximize workplace efficiency throughout the entire nursing workforce. NurseGrid works by effectively streamlining communication between nurses, managers, and doctors, and addressing the demand for greater efficiency inside staffing and scheduling.

Since 2013, NurseGrid has been implemented throughout hospitals all across the United States. It serves as an integral communication tool for nurses to quickly contact other nurses and managers through the use of their smartphones. In addition, NurseGrid supports a calendar function to improve the overall shifting and scheduling process for an individual hospital’s entire nursing workforce. Since NurseGrid hit the market, notable improvements in nursing workforce satisfaction have been experienced throughout hospitals that have implemented the app into their daily workplace functions.

 NurseGrid Improves Patient Satisfaction

Benefits from a simple app implementation like NurseGrid help to construct a strong line of communication between nurses and nursing managers in a hospital setting. This effective line of communication can greatly increase productivity among workers and consequently improve nurse to patient relations. In addition, the shifting and scheduling functions that NurseGrid provides will only result in a positive impact on the patient experience ensuring patients receive adequate care throughout their stay in the hospital.

Because the nursing industry has such a high turnover rate, any strategy that could possibly reverse feelings of dissatisfaction across a nursing workforce should be put into action. Other various healthcare workforce management solutions could be used in conjunction with emerging technology like NurseGrid to maximize workplace satisfaction and production in the healthcare industry.

NurseGrid Saves Hospitals Money

Not only will NurseGrid help to improve employee satisfaction inside an individual hospital’s workforce, it will also save the hospital tens of thousands of dollars in turnover expenses per nurse. Raising the bar on workforce efficiency and nursing workforce satisfaction should remain a top priority to ensure nurses are taken care of adequately. Any type of solution that offers relief and improves employee satisfaction for workers in a high-stress environment will have a tremendous impact on a workforce like nursing.

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